Getting to Hogmanay House

The House is near Beccles in Suffolk, about 2-2.5 hours from London by car. To keep the House and our guests secure we will not be publishing the venue's address in public, but guests will be sent the address in an email a week before the event. If your transport requirements make it essential for you to have more details as to the location, please contact us.  


Driving from London to Beccles takes around 2.5 hours. There is parking on site. We will provide a rideshare page closer to the date. Around 7-10 days before the event starts we will send driving directions and address. If you have legitimate reasons for needing more specific details ahead of time please contact us.

For guests staying overnight on Dec 30th: We assume most overnight guests will travel by car. But if there’s enough demand we may be able to organise a coach, so please contact us if you’re interested in coach travel from London to the House.  


You can book a seat on the coach to and/or from London Liverpool Street. £25 each way.

SUN 31 DEC, 11am LONDON LIVERPOOL ST to HOUSE, arrives 2:00pm approx
SUN 31 DEC 4.30pm LONDON LIVERPOOL ST to HOUSE, arrives 7.30pm approx

MON 1 JAN 2am HOUSE to LONDON LIVERPOOL STREET, arrives 4.30am approx
MON 1 JAN 3.30am HOUSE to LONDON LIVERPOOL STREET, arrives 6:00am approx

It's cheaper and more direct than booking a train plus minibus/taxi. 


The House is directly outside a stop on the X21 and X22 bus route between Beccles, Lowestoft and Norwich. Buses are running on this route on the 30th, 31st Dec and 1st Jan. See bus timetable.

The most direct train route from London on these dates is to Norwich station (2.5 hour train from London + 45 mins by bus). The closest station geographically is Beccles station (10 mins from House by bus, 3-3.5 hours from London by train); there is also Lowestoft station (20 mins from House by bus, 3-3.5 hours from London by train.)

Return train is around £50; note that we are running a direct coach to and from London for cheaper.


Appropriate tickets required for entry.

Gate open 4pm to 9pm Saturday 30th December for guests with rooms

Gate open 1pm to 9pm on Sunday 31st December - we do not permit entry after 9pm on 31st.

Guests without bedrooms must leave at 3.30am on Monday 1st January

Guests with rooms must be offsite by 4pm on Monday 1st January.