For guests who loved The Summer House Weekend but can't wait until February for The Winter House. If you've ever dreamed of taking over a big house with a bunch of friends and likeminded folk, join us for music, performance, dancing, cabaret and a playroom at our first ever New Year's Eve country house party. 

Of course there will be a proper midnight countdown, and we'll incorporate one or two traditions from Hogmanay, the Scottish New Year. 

30-40 guests will be able to sleep in the House's incredible rooms on 30th and/or 31st December, with food provided by our chefs. There's also a range of local accommodation - see Where to Sleep.

Most guests will arrive on Sunday 31st and can either choose an all-day option with lunch and dinner, or a no-dining, evening-only option for the New Year's Eve celebration. See Tickets.




Hogmanay House will be a touch shorter and a bit simpler than either the Summer House or Winter House weekends, but with some of the same elements. There will be dining, ceremonies, a small number of meetups / workshops, films, a cabaret and a party on Sunday 31st (featuring live music, dancing, playroom & kink area). Plus the opportunity for walks in the extraordinary grounds and gardens of this palatial house. 


Sat 30th Dec, 3pm - House guests check in. Drinks, dinner and a film complete the night.

Sun 31st Dec, 9am onwards - Breakfast and Sunday papers followed by yoga

Sun 31st Dec, 11am - Coach A leaves London Liverpool Street, arrives House around 2pm. 

Sun 31st Dec, 2.30 pm - Lunch at House followed by announcements and workshop. Any additional house guests can check in from 3pm.

Sun 31st Dec, 4.30pm - Coach B leaves London Liverpool Street for party-only guests, arrives House around 7.30pm

Sun 31st Dec, 5pm - Break at House followed by workshop 

Sun 31st Dec, 7pm -Buffet dinner (for guests with appropriate tickets)

Sun 31st Dec, 9pm - Dressup, make-up, cocktails, interactive shenanigans, playroom open.

Sun 31st Dec, 11pm - Cabaret show followed by midnight countdown. After midnight, the playroom and kink room continues; there's piano, singing and performance in the Library plus DJing and dancing in the Ballroom until 3.30am. 

Coaches back to London at 2am and 3.30am.

Mon 1st Jan, 11am - Brunch

Mon 1st Jan, 2pm - House guests check out, everyone off site by 4pm. 


For those guests who wish to attend the evening party on Sunday 31st December there's a no-food ticket. For everyone else, yourticket price includes food on the days you attend. We are offering dinner on Friday night, breakfast on Saturday morning, a light snack lunch in the middle of Saturday, a hearty buffet dinner on Saturday night and brunch late on Sunday morning. The quality will match Summer House and Winter House 2017. It's vegan with an optional add-on for those who wish to eat meat. There will also be a bar with cocktails, wine and more - these are extra.